Food can be purchased from the canteen at lunchtimes and recess times.

Students can also order their lunch on the QKR! App and pick it up on the day they order it. Download the App from the App Store or Play store. Orders are to be made before 9am.

Lunch orders can be made at recess time and collected at lunchtime. By ordering your lunch, you are guaranteed to purchase what you want and it will be available when you get to the canteen.

Canteen prices are listed below:

Chicken/Hamburger Roll $4.50
Chicken & Salad Sandwich $5.00
Chicken Focaccia $5.00
Chicken and Salad Roll $5.00
Chicken Strip Roll $5.00
Chicken Strip Wrap $5.00
Diced Chicken Wrap $5.00
Sweet Chilli Chicken Wrap $5.00
Ham & Salad Roll/wrap $4.50
Ham and Salad Sandwich $4.00
Salad Roll $4.00
Salad Wrap $4.00
Salad Sandwich $4.00
Assorted Pies $4.50
Traveller Pies $4.00
Sausage Roll $3.60
Vegetable/Cheese & Spinach Roll $4.50
Hot Dog $3.40
Hot Dog with Cheese $3.80
Pizza’s $2.50
Steamed Dim Sims $1.00
Croissant – Ham & Cheese/Cheese $3.50
Cheesymite Scroll $3.00
Cheese & Bacon/ Pizza Rolls $3.00


Big M 300ml $3.00
Big M 600ml $4.00
Dare 500ml $4.00
Just Juice 200ml $1.00
Daily FruitJuice 500ml $2.80
Water 600ml $2.00
Pump Flavoured Water $4.00
Diet Varieties 375ml $2.50 450ml $3.50 600ml $4.00
Hot Chocolate $2.00

Cans 250ml $2.00
Frozen Yoghurt $2.50
Assorted Ice-creams and Icy Poles – $0.70 to $3.60
Scrolls $3.00
Assorted Slices $3.50
Custard Tarts $3.80
Jam Donuts $2.50
Muffins $3.00
Fresh Fruit At marked prices
*All items are subject to price rise


Special lunches are made weekly and can ordered in advance via the canteen.

2020 Term 3 lunch specials and prices:


Date Food Special Cost
Wednesday July 29th Cup of Pumpkin soup with dinner roll (Vegetarian)


Wednesday August 5th Pasta bake with Bolognaise and cheese


Wednesday August 12th Chicken burger in a roll with lettuce, tomato, beetroot and mayo


Wednesday August 19th Cup of Minestrone soup with a dinner roll


Wednesday August 26th Nachos with salsa, cheese and sour cream


Wednesday September 9th Pasta bake with Bolognaise and cheese


Wednesday September 16th Chicken burger in a roll with lettuce, tomato, beetroot and mayo