Bell Times 2023

Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri Wed
8.55 am Warning Bell 8.55 am Warning Bell
8.58 am Home Group
9.05 am P1 9.00 P1
9.55 am P2 9.46 am P2
10.45 am Recess 10.32 am Recess
11.10 am Warning Bell 10.57 am Warning Bell
11.15 am P3 11.02 am P3
12.05 am P4 11.48 am P4
12.34 pm Extended Home Group
12.55 pm Lunch 1.04 pm Lunch
1.30 pm Warning Bell 1.38 pm Warning Bell
1.35 pm P5 1.43 pm P5
2.25 pm P6 2.29 pm P6
3.15 pm End of classes 3.15 pm End of classes

Term Dates

These dates may be subject to change. Please check at the school office to confirm the following dates.


2023 Term Dates
Term One: 27th January to 6th April
Term Two: 24th April to 23rd June
Term Three: 10th July to 15th September
Term Four: 2nd October to 20th December