You can buy and sell textbooks and uniforms from the Sustainable bookshop.

This is a great option for parents and students if an item is not stocked in the Mount Rowan Uniform & Bookshop.

Second-hand Textbook & Uniform Trading Systems

  • List Wanted & For Sale Ds (Browsers tell each other what they require and what they have to sell)
  • The school’s book and uniform lists are loaded into the system to make the Ad listing process easy, fast and accurate.
  • Assistance is provided to accurately price items
  • Our Ad Matching service shows you:
    • Exactly the right items to buy
    • Who has the most items you need
    • The cheapest items
  • Buyers contact Sellers, and arrange where and when to transact.
  • Excellent email and telephone helplines are provided. Please call 1300 683 337

Sustainable School Shop also sells:

  • Calculators
  • Sporting items
  • Musical Items
  • Electronics & DVDs
  • Stationery
  • And lots more

Pricing Guide:

  • Like New – 70%
  • Excellent – 60%
  • Very Good – 50%
  • Good – 40%