Student Wellbeing and the Heads of House are led by:

Assistant Principal – Mr Nick Stephen

Head of House

All students are allocated to a house and there is one teacher in charge of each of each house. The houses are a strong part of our community and link to sporting events, community service activities and students can earn merit points for themselves and their house.

Yarrowee House – Ms Belinda Melvin

Burrumbeet House – Mr Callan Novinec

Gnarr House – Mr Dan Guerin

Gong Gong – Mr Harry Murphy

You should feel free to contact the Head of House with any issues regarding such things as your child’s progress, discipline, health and welfare.

Communication is important. We can only act on something if we know about it. The best results are achieved when we work together as a team.

Youth Counsellor

Mount Rowan has identified student welfare and management as a major priority. The school employs a full time Youth Counsellor who provides a confidential service to all students and parents. The Youth Counsellor is responsible for helping students handle issues such as social and emotional health, disengagement, bullying, drug use and

Ms Belinda Spark is our Youth Counsellor. Please feel free to contact Belinda to discuss issues that may be useful for us to know to support your childs learning and engagement.

Belinda also has information for parents so that you can seek further support and advice as a parent of adolescents.

Our Youth Counsellor works with students as individuals, in small groups and runs group programs such as the PACK program which is a Wilderness Adventure Therapy Program, gender specific programs and links in with Mentors from within the wider community who can be another support for your child and their wellbeing.

Our Youth Counsellor also works with other welfare professionals and agencies to address student needs. The College also has access to District Support Staff of the Department of Education. From time to time the College employs other agencies to run programs to cater for the specific needs of students.

A large number of parents and students have used, and continue to use this service.